Monday, November 28, 2011

[trick] Youtube Downloader FREE

This is how to download youtube video without IDM !!

My previous article about how to download youtube video without software maybe difficult to run this time. It works best when you are using mozilla firefox 3.6.

But there is another way to enjoy video offline. It is using program Youtube Downloader. This is freeware program created by Biennesoft. It is easy use program. All you have to to is copy link location of youtube to this program, then click download.

This program also allow you to choose quality of the video. Like 240p or 360p or maybe 760p.
It also allow you to convert video format. Very usefull program.

You can download this Youtube Downloader by click here.

And if this not what you are looking for, you can use search box on right page.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Backpacker To Indonesia

Are you from europe or US or from everywhere else want to know how to get cheap or even free for backpacker in Indonesia..please read this.

Indonesia is one of the most favourite destination for travelling. It is beautiful country. It is located along equator. And what you have to know is every place in Indonesia have their own beach that different from the others. This is recommended place for your holiday.

Lets say Bali, Kuta, Yogyakarta, Lombok, Senggigi, Raja Ampat, Papua, Borneo, Java, Jakarta, Parangtritis, Borobudur, Bunaken. Those words is the place that maybe you have ever heard but you dont know exactly.

Okay back to the title, I will give you some tips to get cheap travel in Indonesia..

First, choose your destination. Indonesia is large country. Try to find nearest International Airport from your travel destination like Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Juanda Airport, Adi Sucipto Airport, or I gusti Ngurahrai Airport. For example you want go to Bali, the nearest Airport is I Gusti Ngurahrai (located in Bali) or Juanda Airport (located in Surabaya).

Second, go googling for your cheapest airplane ticket. Try to do this 3 or 4 months before your holiday. Ussualy, some airways company give promotion ticket.

Third, make a friend with Indonesian people. You can find them from their blog, facebook, or maybe you have Indonesian in your area. Talk to them that you want to go to Indonesia. And ask for their advice. Some people (most backpacker from Indonesia) can give you advice about hotel that give low price or maybe they ask you o stay in their house that is mean FREE.

Four, when you arrive in Indonesia and you dont know where to go from Airport, look for travel information. Ask for your route. They maybe give you advice to use taxi, but try to ask other public transportation like bus, becak, or taxi motor that cheaper than taxi.

Five, make a friend with Indonesian people that live around place that you stay. Make them as your tour guide. If you feel that they ask too high price try find another.

Six, try to understand basic Indonesia language and their currency. Use Indonesia currency (Rupiah) for your daily expense. It have big different value with your dollar.

Seven, dont forget to have fun :)

Thats my tips for you. If you have more question, dont be shy to writ it down in comment below. Thanks.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Garut Pyramid beat Giza Pyramid ??!!

Special Staff of President of Social Assistance and Disaster, Andi Arief sure there are historic buildings found in the mountains in Garut. Name of the mount was Sadahurip. It is located at Garut, West Java, Indonesia. Some people believe there are Pyrmaid inside this mountain. Lets check this figure :

garut pyramid, pyramyd in garut, giza pyramid
The mount has unique shape. It is like Pyramid in Giza, Mesir. Maybe there is something inside.

Special Staff of President of Social Assistance and Disaster, Andi Arief, say that there was geological and geophysical study on that mount. As the result, there is "building" inside the mount. And the most shocking result is, from caron dating test the age of that building is older than Giza Pyramid. He is also say that geological area is difficult to explain.

But Indonesian Archeologist doubted it as they are not include of this study. It have to get other study from archeolgist so they can give true or not statements.

Some people say there is Gold and Uranium inside this mount. But thats not true. There is only mysterious building but no old or Uranium.

So, can Garut Pyramid beat Giza Pyramid ?? No one knows until the soil that cover the mount is disappear.